Carefully Choosing Birth Control Pills for Active Women

One method of contraception that is effective in preventing pregnancy and practical so that it is suitable for those who are active in activities is birth control pills. A myriad of busyness plus menstruation make women of childbearing age vulnerable to iron deficiency anemia. The presence of birth control pills containing additional iron can be a friend of women to remain active. Iron deficiency anemia can make an active woman feel tired and weak, especially if excess menstrual blood. An iron-fortified birth control pill can help women to remain active and productive, without being disturbed by anemia. Get to know the types of birth control pills that are on the market In general, there are 2 types of birth control pills on the market, namely combined birth control pills and birth control pills that only contain progestins, also called mini pills. Check out the following explanation: Combination birth control pills Consists of most active pills that contain the hormones es
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